Origin: English

Meaning: “blithe, cheerful, carefree”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Bligh, Bliss, Blithe, Blye

Blythe TV and Movie Quotes:
“When have you done this, Blythe?”
The Quick and The Undead (2006)
You better eat, Blythe. You better eat.
Wicked Wicked Games: Parting Shots (2007)

Famous people named Blythe or its variations

1. Blythe Auffarth (b. 1985), American actress
2. Blythe Duff (b. 1962), Scottish actress
3. Blythe Katherine Danner (b. 1943), American actress

Blythe Middle Names
Blythe Aida
Blythe Doreen
Blythe Erynn
Blythe Jolianne
Blythe Rose

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