Origin: Latin

Meaning: “caressing, flattering”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Blanda, Blandina, Blondie

Blandine Book Quotes:
“…Blandine felt that Marie had given them little affection.”
Marie D’Agoult: The Rebel Countess (2008)
“The stork had visited the Biilows for the second time.
It brought a girl and she was named Blandine.”
Hungarian Melody (1936)

Famous people named Blandine or its variations

1. Blandine Bury (b. 1980), French actress
2. Blandine Perroud (1977-2013), French parachutist
3. Blandine Verlet (b. 1942), French harpsichordist

Blandine Middle Names
Blandine Annette
Blandine Charlotte
Blandine Eloise
Blandine Magalie
Blandine Sophie

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