Origin: Old French

Meaning: “white, pure”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Blanch, Blanchette

Blanche TV and Movie Quotes:
“Blanche, do you have the schedules?” Grease (1978)
“Blanche, did you really start shaving at eleven?”
The Golden Girls (1985 TV Series)

Famous people named Blanche or its variations

1. Blanche Sweet (1896-1986), American silent film actress
born Sarah Blanche Sweet
2. Blanche Baker (b. 1956), American actress
3. Blanche Montel (1902-98), French actress
born Rose Blanche Jeanne Montel

Blanche Middle Names
Blanche Charmaine
Blanche Evelyna
Blanche Marlena
Blanche Ramona
Blanche Theresa

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