Origin: Old German

Meaning: “bright one”

Best Nicknames:
Berti, Bertie, Berty, Bird, Birdie, Birdy

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Berta, Berte, Berthe, Bertina, Bertine

Bertha TV and Movie Quotes:
“Bertha won the pie-baking contest at the fair this year.”
Bewitched: The Witches are Out (1964)
“Bertha is one in a million.” Mame (1974)

Famous people named Bertha or its variations

1. Bertha Coombs (b. 1978), American CNBC reporter
2. Bertha Knight Landes (1868–1943), American politician
first female mayor of a major American city (Seattle, 1926-28)
3. Bertha Amy Lewis (1887–1931), English opera singer, actress

Bertha Middle Names
Bertha Jean
Bertha Louise
Bertha Marie
Bertha Ruth
Bertha Sharlene

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