Origin: Old English

Meaning: “berry clearing, bailiff,
city of fortification”

Best Nicknames
Bay-Bay, Lee-Lee

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Bailie, Bailey, Bayley, Baylie

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Baylee, Baylee, bo, Baylee, banana fana fo faylee
Baylee has cooties.
Let’s bake some cookies together, Baylee.

Famous people named Baylee or its variations

1. Baylee Ricci (b. 1989), actress
2. Baylee Barrett (b. 1994), singer (Cactus Cuties)
3. Bailee Madison (b. 1999), actress

Baylee Middle Names
Baylee Ariana
Baylee Carlotta
Baylee Kristin
Baylee Logan
Baylee Teressa

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  1. Baylee says:

    My fav one is Bee, lol

  2. Baylee says:

    Your mom

  3. Baylee says:


  4. Baylee says:

    Yo this form dead dude. My fav nickname beans.

  5. Savanna Millermon says:


  6. Baylee says:

    good at skateboarding and flips

  7. Bailey Marchant says:

    Bay, Bayeee, Bayleaf, Billy, Emily

  8. danea says:

    what are u doin my dude

  9. Bailey says:

    Bailey boo
    Bailey Bugs

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