Origin: French

Meaning: “my father is peace”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Axelane, Axele, Axelia, Axeliane, Axeline, Axella, Axellane

Axelle TV and Movie Quotes:
“Axelle was curious about this girl.” Zoya (2009)
“Axelle was wearing the saddest excuse for jeans shorts
I had ever seen.” A Long Way to Go (2013)

Famous people named Axelle or its variations

1. Axelle Lemaire (b. 1974), French politician
3. Axelle Laffont (b. 1970), French actress, comedian
3. Axelle Kabou (b. 1955), Cameroonian-born academic,
communications expert

Axelle Middle Names
Axelle Berthe
Axelle Fantine
Axelle Madeleine
Axelle Rafaëla

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