Origin: Roman

Meaning: “priceless, beautiful”

Best Nicknames
Toni, Tonia, Tonya, Nia, Neenie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Anthonia, Antonella, Antonie, Antonina, Antonine, Antonya

Antonia TV and Movie Quotes:
“Antonia is like a daughter to me.”
Beverly Hills 90210: Lover’s Leap (1995)
“Mom, I’m worried about Antonia.” Practical Magic (1998)

Famous people named Antonia or its variations

1. Toni Basil (b. 1943), American actress, singer
born Antonia Christina Basilotta
2. Toni Collette (b. 1975), Australian actress, singer
born Antonia Collette
3. Mother Antonia (b. 1926), American nun, missionary
born Mary Clarke

Antonia Middle Names
Antonia Claire
Antonia Josephine
Antonia Leigh
Antonia Marissa
Antonia Regina

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