Valerie Songs

Valerie is a 7 letter name from Latin. The pronunciation is fairly straightforward with 3 syllables; however, changing the ending e to an a gives it 4 syllables and a slightly different sound.

Here is an Amy Winehouse cover of “Valerie,” a song originally released by the English indie rock band, The Zutons, from their second studio album, “Tired of Hanging Around” in 2006. The song peaked at No. 9 on the UK Singles Chart.

More Valerie Songs:

  • Valerie by Patti Scialfa (1993)
  • Valerie by Richard Thompson (October 1986)
  • Valerie by Steve Winwood (September 1982)
  • Valleri by the Monkees (1968)

Name Meaning and Famous People Named Valerie

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