Note on Statistics

On Best Nicknames, most of the conclusions drawn regarding the popularity of given names comes from information published online. The conclusions on the popularity of any given name are solely for entertainment purposes. Names and name meanings are put together by comparing definitions from a variety of written and online information.

Where we are talking about the popularity of a name in the United States, we base our statements upon information collected and published by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

SSA requests that folks who use their databases as a source make sure people realize that their information does not reflect every person ever born in the United States between 1880 and the current year published on their website:

“All names are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States after 1879. Note that many people born before 1937 never applied for a Social Security card, so their names are not included in our data. For others who did apply, our records may not show the place of births, and again their names are not included in our data.” (SSA: Background Info)

When compiling its popular names statistics, the Social Security Administration also alphabetizes names that have an equal number of birth for any given year.

As an example, in the year 1914, 98 babies were named Bud. 98 were also named Everette, Hershel and Raleigh. SSA’s system results in Bud being given the rank of No. 493, Everette ranked No. 494, and so forth. So the rankings do not reflect that these names were equally popular in 1914, or, for that matter, that some of those 98 Buds might have really been named Hershel for all we know.

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