How Shailene Woodley Got Her Name

Cindy Adams of Page Six reports on how Shailene Woodley came by her unusual first name. The 22-year-old Canadian actress says her mother saw a license plate with “Shai” on it and decided to adapt it for her baby’s name.

Some other variations that came under consideration: Shailo, Shailee, Shailey, Shailette. So it became Shailene.”

Shailene was born in 1991, and we hate to break it to her, but that same year, the Social Security Administration reports 5 females named Shailene in the USA. In 1991, Shaylene was a more popular spelling given to 41 American baby girls.

Here are some more variations of female names that begin with Shai- from the USA in 1991, including the number of girls given the name:

Shaina, 61
Shaila, 50
Shaindy, 23
Shaindel, 15
Shai, 11
Shailee, 10
Shailyn, 10
Shainna, 10
Shaira, 8
Shaine, 7
Shaida, 6
Shaima, 6
Shailey, 5

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  1. mike hayes says:

    to spell shailene like this is hebrew. it means gift of light! irish spelling is shaylene! meaning of Shay is “Admirable” and ” Hawk-like”. not shy! only a hebrew would spell it shailene. and guess who shouldnt be on tv but is!

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