Famous Flips – They’re not all Philips

Flip is often a nickname for Philip or Phillip, but not always. Here are some of the famous people we found that are nicknamed “Flip” but have a different given name.

The oldest person we found was Frank Bernard Lafferty, an American Major League baseball player, who made his debut during the 1876 National League Season. We don’t know if Flip was his childhood nickname or related to the sport he played in.

Flip Wilson (1933-1998), was an American comedian and actor. His given name was Clerow Wilson, Jr. He picked up the nickname while he was in the army when his buddies always said he was “flipped out.” On his popular TV show in the 1970s, Flip often played a female character named Geraldine.

Flip Phillips (1915-2001) was an American jazz tenor saxophone and clarinet player. He was born Joseph Edward Filipelli and the Flip nickname would appear to be related to his last name, but so does the last name he chose for his stage name for that matter.

Saul White, Jr. of the Harlem Globetrotters is more well known as Flip White. He’s got another nickname related to his style of playing basketball, too: “Highflyin”.

Ronald “Flip” Murray (b. 1979) is an American professional basketball player

Fulton “Flip” Johnson (b. 1963) is a retired American NFL football player who played for the Buffalo Bills in the 1980s.

Lawrence Glenn “Flip” Cornett (1957-2004) was an American funk guitarist and bassist

We also found a female Flip. Clare Grater, a singer-songwriter and author from New Zealand born in 1981, uses the stage name Flip Grater.

That’s four Flips in sports, three in the music field and one in comedy.

Here are some Philips and variations of the name who are nicknamed Flip from all over the world:

Flip Saunders (b. 1955) is the head coach, President of Basketball Operations, and part-owner of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. His given name is Philip Daniel.

Flip Mark (b. 1948) is a former child actor, originally from New York City. His given name is Philip Mark Goldberg.

Flip Keegstra (1914-1991) was a sailor from the Netherlands, who participated in the 1948 Summer Olympics. His given name was Philippus Harco Keegstra.

Belgian singer and songwriter Filip Willy Mariette Cauwelier (b. 1976), uses the pseudonym Flip Kowlier.

Phillip Rudolph van der Merwe (b. 1985) is a South African rugby union footballer who is nicknamed Flip.

Philip “Flip” Benham (b. 1948) is an American Evangelical Christian minister

Flip Carli (1879-1972) was a footballer who changed his career to film director. He was born in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). We assume his given name was some form of Philip with a middle name that began with G. It is given as “Ph.G” in wikipedia. There is also an Australian actor and musician named Flip Simmons, whose given name is a mystery to us.

If your nickname is Flip, tell us why and how old you were when you got it in the comments.

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  1. Phillip Andrew Madaffari says:

    I was was born June 15,1981. I’ve gone by Flip since 1996 when I first picked up a skateboard. Most people think that is where the name stems from, when in actuality it comes from my temperament. When I get angry enough I tend to “flip out.”

  2. Martinsnorn says:

    Hi All im rookie here. Good art! Thx! Love your stories!

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