Baby’s First Name

Baby’s biggest first Is literally the first name.

There are momentous occasions in every married couple’s life. The wedding day itself is always memorable and traditionally the next most momentous occurrence arrives around eight to nine months later with the birth of a child. Also arriving on that awesome day is one of the weightiest matters a married couple will ever have to decide upon together: What name are we going to give this baby?

A person may have a friend named Rosemary, and even Sage and Thyme nowadays, but it is unlikely they will have any named Parsley. Sometimes, famous celebrities choose pet names for given names, as in the case of Gwyneth Paltrow naming her offspring Apple. One can only hope the child doesn’t fall in love with a guy whose last name is Strudel. Alicia Silverstone also chose to indulge in creativity, naming her son Bear Blu. Actor, Nic Cage loves super heroes so much, he bestowed Superboy’s Kryptonian handle, Kal-El, on his son. David Duchovny and Tea Leoni chose to name their kid Kyd.

For those not in the entertainment industry, it would be more advisable to get some goldfish and let your creative urges run wild. If your child does become a pop sensation, teen idol or movie star, he or she can always follow the example of Camille Javal (Brigitte Bardot), Bernard Schwartz (Tony Curtis), Thomas Mapother IV (Tom Cruise) and many others who weren’t born with names that would look awesome on a flashing marquee.

Choosing a baby’s name is a tricky business and how many syllables the first name has compared with the middle and last is only part of the picture. Parents need to take nicknames and shortened monikers into consideration.

Do not wait for inspiration to strike at the last moment. Consider the family traditions that may be involved in naming offspring and decide if mainstream is the way to go. Every first born male in the Smith family for the last ten generations may have been named Richard but will that pair up well with the family name, Ringer? Think of the possible abbreviations or nicknames for a child named Richard Ringer and you will have a child destined to be pushed head first into every sandbox, locker and swimming pool he walks by. Nothing like that may have ever happened to David Bowie’s firstborn, Zowie Bowie, but …

When it comes to being ahead of name trends, a parent-to-be should seriously think about the source of their inspiration. In the late 1970s, an Irish cream liqueur became popular among female college students but soon faded leaving a legacy of grown women now named Bailey. Sober up before you tag your child with a constant reminder that they may have just been the result of a blurry spring break weekend in Florida.

Another important point not to be overlooked should be the child’s initials. A parent may truly believe their child will be the most gifted child ever born, but it can be a terrible burden upon a person’s ego the first time Geraldine Olivia Dortmunder learns to write out her initials.

All that being said, throughout the Best Nickname pages, you will see many folks with all kinds of names. You may wonder why some were even included. Some names may have been popular 50 years before the bearer was even born. Others, like Halbert, may have just never been that popular. But this did not stop any of these folks from using their talents to make noteworthy contributions in their chosen fields.

Most importantly, allow your child the freedom to like or dislike his or her given name, and to outgrow childhood pet names.

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