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Yes you can find all the information you want about name meanings and nicknames online, but most parents-to-be like to get a baby name book anyway. If you buy one, leave it out. Guests and other family members will be sure to pick it up and look through it, too. Not necessarily to give you advice on what to name your child — folks just love to look up their own names, their middle names, their husbands, their boyfriends, girlfriends, children and even their parents.

Just make sure you get yourself a recent book because you know that name trends change. They shift a little every year but not quite as much as people tend to think. Take a look at the No. 1 Names by Decade in the USA for the last 100 years:

Decade No. 1 Boys Name No. 1 Girls Name
2000s Jacob Emily
1990s Michael Jessica
1980s Michael Jessica
1970s Michael Jennifer
1960s Michael Lisa
1950s James Mary
1940s James Mary
1930s Robert Mary
1920s Robert Mary
1910s John Mary

If it’s a distinctive name you’re after, your best bet is a book that keeps track of the trends. If you’re figuring your offspring is going to a real trendsetter someday, you might want to take a look at books that feature unique names. That will come in very handy when your child becomes mononymous.

We included the last book pictured above, The “OTHER” Book of Baby Names, for your entertainment. The author is RU Kidding – it’s very funny!

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