Girls Names N: Meanings, Nicknames


Nyla was No. 869 in the Top 100 American baby girls in 2001. By 2014, it rose to No. 301.


In 2012, Nydia was just as popular as Allora, Denae, Nevada and Trudy, with 26 American girls for each name


11 American baby girls were named Nuala in 2016, one more than were named Fionnuala


Novella came closest to the Top 500 American baby girl names in 1923 when it was the 513th most popular female name.


Norma was a Top 25 American baby girl name between 1928 and 1934


Noreen has not appeared in the top 1000 American baby girl names since 1971, when it was No. 816


Nora’s popularity in the USA has been on the rise. In 2008, it was the 216th most popular female name. By 2016, its rank rose to No. 36


Nona made its last appearance in the Top 500 American baby girl names in 1942 but it’s a great name for those born on the ninth


In the USA, Noelle reached a new high in 2016 at No. 249 in popular American baby girl names, a big jump from No. 454 in 2006


Nita’s highest rank in the Top 1000 American baby girl names was in 1895 at No. 432. Its second most popular year was 1954 at No. 454.


Nina’s had an average rank of No. 219 in the 20th century. Its popularity has dipped somewhat in the 21st


23 American baby girls were named Nicolina in 2016; an equal number were named Alyx, Kadija and Truth

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