Boys Names K: Meanings, Nicknames

Kyle (Boy)

Kyle was a Top 25 American baby boy name between 1986 and 1998


Kurtis surged into the Top 400 American baby boy names in the 1980s, but fell off the list by 2004.


Kurt peaked at No. 109 in 1964 in the Top 1000 American baby boy names. It was off the list by 2006


Saint Corbinian was originally named Waldegiso after his father, but his mother, Corbiniana renamed her son after herself following her husband’s death


Kofi was one of five 4-letter names given to 33 American baby boys in 2013. The other four were Kavi, Kobi, Kohl and Kush.


Unlike Knox, the K in Knut is not silent. it is pronounced ka-newt


After Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their son Knox, the name reappeared in the Top 1000 American baby names, rising to No. 245 by 2016


English speakers often associate Klaus with Santa Claus; however, it is pronounced “klowse”


Klaas is the Dutch version of Klaus. Both can also be spelled with a C


Kirk’s last appearance in the Top 1000 American baby boy names occurred in 2002


In the USA, Killian reached No. 955 with 20 recorded male births in 1995. By 2011, it was No. 264 with 1376 recorded births


Kiefer entered the USA Top 1000 most popular boys names in 1990 at No. 885, rose to No. 709 in 1991, then fell off the list

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