Boys Names J: Meanings, Nicknames


Justin was a Top 10 American baby boy name between 1987 and 1990. By 2010, it was No. 50


Jürgen was a Top 10 German male names from the 1930 through the 1950s


In the USA, the name Junius declined in popularity after 1925. At No. 498, that was the last year it was in the top 500 baby boy names.


Often in the USA’s Top 100 baby boy names (1880 – 1910), even when Julius dipped below 100, it never fell below No. 125 until 1921


Julio’s highest rank in the USA was in 1990 at No. 194. In 2012, its rank was No. 383


Julian became a Top 100 American baby boy name in 2000. By 2016, it was No. 39


Jules fell out of the Top 1000 American boy names after 1961, but Yul Brynner still played a gunfighter named Jules in “Invitation to a Gunfighter” in 1964


Jude returned to the USA’s Top 1000 name list in 1999 at No. 948. By 2010, it rose to No. 170


Judd has never been highly popular in the USA. Its highest rank was in 1970 at No. 652, when 158 Judds were recorded. Judson ranked even lower at No. 665


Josiah made its first appearance in the Top 100 American baby boy names in 2008 at No.. 96. In 2016, it was No. 55


Joshua was a Top 5 American baby boy name between 1983 and 2008


Always a Top 25 American baby boy name, Joseph fell to a 130 year low in 2010 at No. 20

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