Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “cleaver of the spine”
from Dhu al-Fiqar – the sword of Islamic leader Ali
alternate meaning: “possessor of notches”

Best Nicknames:
Zul, Zulfi, Zully

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Dhulfiqar, Thulfeqar, Zoulfikar, Zulfeqhar,
Zulfikar, Zulfaqar

Zulfiqar Book Quotes:
“The child was named Zulfiqar, meaning the sword of Ali; the
fourth Islamic Caliph famous for his bravery and heroic courage.”
A Daughter’s Heart: Tribute to My Father (2011)
“Then I heard Zulfiqar’s powerful voice announcing,
“We will move forward at four in the morning.” ”
Caravans: A Novel (1963)

Famous people named Zulfiqar or its variations

1. Zulfiqar Babar (b. 1978), Pakistani cricketer
2. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (1928-79), Pakistani leader;
9th Prime Minister, 4th President
3. Zuko Džumhur (1920-89), Bosnian writer, artist;
born Zulfikar Džumhur

Zulfiqar Middle Names
Zulfiqar Asim
Zulfiqar Jabbar
Zulfiqar Saud

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