Origin: Greek

Meaning: “stranger”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Xeno, Xenos, Zenon, Zenos

Zeno TV and Movie Quotes:
“Remember Zeno and that immovable object thing?”
Knight Rider: Trust Doesn’t Rust (1982)
“Doing research on Mr. Zeno, m’am?” She’s So Cold (1995)

Famous people named Zeno or its variations

1. Xeno Müller (b. 1972), Swiss Olympic champ,
rowing coach
2. Zeno Roth (b. 1956), German musician
aka Hans Joachim Roth
3. Zeno Karcz (b. 1935), Canadian football pro

Zeno Middle Names
Zeno Jaisen
Zeno Mauricio
Zeno Saul

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