Origin: Basque

Meaning: “new house”
variation of Xavier

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Havier, Javier, Saviero, Zavi, Zayfir, Zayfeer

Zavier Book Quotes:
“Governor Sevier’s grandfather, Valentine Sevier, moved to England
from France and the original name. Zavier, was Anglicised to Sevier.”
The Successful American: Vol 3 (1900)

Famous people named Zavier or its variations
Zavier GarciaZavier CarmichaelZavier Turner

1. Zavier Garcia, American politician
2. Zavier Carmichael, American football pro
3. Zavier Turner, American basketball pro

Zavier Middle Names
Zavier Alejandro
Zavier Kingston
Zavier Maximilian
Zavier Stefano

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