Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “the Lord recalled”

Best Nicknames:
Zac, Zack, Zacky, Zak, Zeke

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Zacarias, Zaccaria, Zaccariah, Zacharia, Zacharias,
Zackariah, Zacharius, Zackerias, Zakarias, Zakarie,
Zakariyyah, Zechariah, Zecheriah, Zekariah, Zekeriah

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
The world doesn’t revolve around you, Zack.
Zachariah! You’re getting on my last nerve.
I’m taking Zacky to the park.

Famous people named Zachariah or its variations

1. Zack Ward (b. 1970), Canadian actor, Scut Farkas in
“A Christmas Story” (1983), born Zacharias Ward
2. Zach Galifiankis (b. 1969), American actor
born Zacharius Knight Galifiankis
3. Zach Selwyn (b. 1975), American singer, actor

Zachariah Middle Names
Zachariah Benedict
Zachariah James
Zachariah Matthew
Zachariah Thomas

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