Origin: Yoruba

Meaning: “surrounded by”
usually in combination with a prefix defining
what the child is surrounded by; unisex name

Yinka Book Quotes:
“Papa always joked that Yinka should have been named Soji.”
Agboluaje Plays One (2013)
Yinka was not surprised to hear this, for it was the
usual Yoruba custom, and he had come prepared.
The Bead-Maker’s Son (1957)

Famous people named Yinka or its variations

1. Yinka Bode-George (b. 1987), Nigerian model
2. Yinka Shonibare (b. 1962), British-Nigerian artist
3. Yinka Ayefele, Nigerian singer, musician

Yinka Combinations
Adeyinka (the crown surrounds me)
Oleyinka (wealth surrounds me)

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