Origin: Persian

Meaning: “monarch”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Xercès, Xerx, Zerks, Zerx

Xerxes TV and Movie Quotes:
“We saw but a fraction of the monster that
is Xerxes’ army.” 300 (2006)
“Xerxes’ origins are unknown.”
Arcana: Separation Anxiety (2012)

Famous people named Xerxes or its variations

1. Xerxes Khashaya Afshar, Persian writer
2. Xercès Louis (1926-1978), French soccer pro
3. Xerxes the Great (519–465 BC), 4th Persian King of Kings

Xerxes Middle Names
Xerxes Cyrus
Xerxes Jarl
Xerxes Melchior

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