Origin: Greek

Meaning: “foreign voice”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Xen, Xeno, Xenofon, Xenofont

Xenophon TV and Movie Quotes:
“It was at this moment of crisis that Xenophon rose to prominence.”
The Expedition of Cyrus (2005)

Famous people named Xenophon or its variations

1. Xenophon Zolotas (1904-2004), Greek economist, prime minister
2. Xen Balaskas (1910-94), South African cricketer
born Xenophon Constantine Balaskas
3. Xenophon Pierce Wilfley (1871-1931), American politician

Xenophon Middle Names
Xenophon Atticus
Xenophon Evander
Xenophon Horace

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