Origin: Old German

Meaning: “wanderer”

Best Nicknames:
Wend, Wendy, Del, Dell

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Wendale, Wendall, Wendel

Wendell TV and Movie Quotes:
“Wendell, my man, we still on for lunch?”
Bone: The Bond in the Boot (2009)
“Hey, what’s that squeaking, Wendell, you or the gate?”
Kojak: Deliver Us Some Evil (1974)

Famous people named Wendell or its variations

1. Wendell Errol Magee Jr. (b. 1972), American baseball pro
2. Wendell Oliver Scott (1921-90), American stock car racer
3. Wendell Reid Corey (1914-68), American actor, politician

Wendell Middle Names
Wendell Blake
Wendell Dwight
Wendell Imre
Wendell Merrill
Wendell Ulysses

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