Origin: Armenian

Meaning: “bearer of roses”
Variation of Vardan

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Bardas, Vardan, Vardas, Vardon

Vartan TV and Movie Quotes:
“We always meet at four-star restaurants. Vartan had
very good taste.” Law & Order: SVU: Lust (2002)
Vartan, my little lamb, what happened to you?
America America (1963)

Famous people named Vartan or its variations

1. Vartan Vahramian (b. 1955), Iranian composer, artist
2. Vartan Gregorian (b. 1934), Iranian-American academic,
president of Carnegie Corporation of New York
3. Vartan Oskanian (b. 1955) Armenian Foreign Prime
Minister from 1998-2008; Civilitas Foundation founder

Vartan Middle Names
Vartan Alexander
Vartan Jurgen
Vartan Miklos
Vartan Viktor

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