Origin: Finnish

Meaning: “city dweller”
Finnish form of Urban

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Upi, Urho

Urpo Book Quotes:
“… since ‘Urpo’ was too exotic for Americans to deal with, her husband’s name had become ‘Herb’ back in childhood.” “Breaking the Watch” (2002)

Famous people named Urpo or its variations

1. Urpo Sivula (b. 1988), Finnish volleyball pro
2. Urpo Yrjö Juhani Ylönen (b. 1943), Finnish ice
hockey pro
3. Urpo Olavi Leppänen (1944-2010), Finnish politician

Urpo Middle Names
Urpo Armas
Urpo Ilmari
Urpo Mikael

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