Origin: Latin

Meaning: “city dweller”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Orbán, Urbain, Urbano, Urbanu, Urbanus, Urpo

Urban and Urbano Book Movie Quotes:
“When Pope Gregory XV died, he was followed by Maffeo Barberini,
Pope Urban VIIII (1623-44). Papal Genealogy (2004)
“Urbano made her uneasy in ways she couldn’t explain.”
One with the Shadows (2007)

Famous people named Urban or its variations

1. Urban Meyer (b. 1964), American college football coach
2. Urbano Barberini (b. 1961), Italian actor
3. Urbain Cancelier (b. 1959), French comedian, actor

Urban Middle Names
Urban Christopher
Urban Jeffrey
Urban Paul

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