Origin: English

Meaning: “the third”
nickname used to differentiate family members with a
Sr., Jr. and III; also, a surname migration

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Trip, Tripton

Tripp TV and Movie Quotes:
“Your brother Tripp is a bull’s-eye.” The Campaign (2012)
“Tripp meets a new girl every week.” Failure to Launch (2006)
“Tripp, you know this act won’t last.” In Plain Sight (2008 TV Series)

Famous people named Tripp or its variations

1. Trip Adler (b. 1984, American entrepreneur;
born John R. Adler III
2. Tripp Phillips (b. 1977), American tennis pro,
born Owen Thomas Phillips III
3. Tripp Isenhour (b. 1968), American golf pro,
born John Henry Isenhour III

Tripp Middle Names
Tripp Donovan
Tripp Martin
Tripp Randolph
Tripp Wesley

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