Origin: Middle English

Meaning: “three”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Trai, Traye, Tre

Trey TV and Movie Quotes:
“You are one random kid, Trey.” 25 Hill (2011)
“Trey would never!” The Mentalist: Flame Red (2008)
“But why would Trey do it?” Sunshine (2007)

Famous people named Trey or its variations

1. Trey Gilder (b. 1985), American basketball pro
1. Trey Keith Darilek (b. 1981), American football pro
3. Trey Martinez Fischer (b. 1970), American politician

Trey Middle Names
Trey DeWitt
Trey Fletcher
Trey Jefferson
Trey Marshall
Trey Westley

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