Origin: Latin

Meaning: “gushing waters”
also, the English river

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Trentt, Trenten, Trentin, Trenton

Trent TV and Movie Quotes:
“Trent Kort shows up bearing gifts.”
NCIS: Dead Reckoning (2009)
“I’m sorry I got so upset about Trent.”
Youth in Revolt (2009)

Famous people named Trent or its variations

1. Trent Willmon (b. 1973), American country music singer
2. Trent Addison Edwards (b. 1983), American football pro
3. Trent Kowalik (b. 1995), American actor, singer, dancer

Trent Middle Names
Trent Bartholomew
Trent Jeffrey
Trent Liam
Trent Marcus
Trent Philip

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  1. Trent Durdle says:

    Trentasures rex


    Trent the tent for rent




    • Trent Durdle says:

      Yooo I made that post when I was like 13 daang… The Only Nickname I go By now is Tido, OR Trentster.. But those are only things my dad calls me.

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