Origin: Armenian

Meaning: “fighting with arrows”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Dikran, Tigranes

Tigran TV and Movie Quotes:
“You are not Tigran Portisch”
Mission Impossible: The Carriers (1966)
Passage to Ararat (2006)
“Tigran, get out of there!” Hostile Waters (1997)

Famous people named Tigran or its variations

1. Tigran Vardanjan (b. 1989), Soviet-born Hungarian skating champ
2. Tigran Sargsyan (b. 1960), Armenian economist, formerly
Prime Minister of Armenia (4-9-2008 through 4-3-2014)
3. Tigran Mansurian (b. 1939), Armenian composer

Tigran Middle Names
Tigran Alen
Tigran Davit
Tigran Hayk

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