Origin: Greek

Meaning: “hunter”

Best Nicknames
Ron, Tron

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Terron, Tharon, Tharron, Theran, Therron, Theryn

Theron Book Quotes:
“Misleading Theron was impossible.” Ice Man (2009)
“Theron’s face suddenly shone in delight.”
Stones of My Accusers (2004)

Famous people named Theron or its variations

1. Theron Augustus Smith (b. 1980), American basketball pro
2. Theron Catlen Bennett (1879-1937), American ragtime composer
3. Theron Tilden Pond (1800–1852) American businessman,
founder of Ponds Extract, forerunner of Ponds skin products

Theron Middle Names
Theron Dionysus
Theron Franklin
Theron James
Theron Marvin
Theron Pierce

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