Origin: Greek

Meaning: “godly”
as a variant of Theotonius; possibly a combination of
Tello and Theotonius, 12th century founders of the
Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra, Portugal

Best Nicknames:
Lone, Loney, Ted, Teddy, Theo, Tony

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Teotónio, Teotonius, Thelonius, Theoton, Theotonio

Thelonius Book Quotes:
“Thelonius was a dapper dresser and connoisseur of cars and art”
Crossing the Bridge Over Troubled Waters (2008)
““I only entered … because Thelonious dared me.” The Baroness:
The Search for Nica, the Rebellious Rothschild

Famous people named Thelonius or its variations

1. Thelonious Sphere Monk (1917-82), American jazz pianist
2. Teotónio Rosário de Souza (b. 1947), Goan historian
3. Saint Theotonius (1088-1166), Roman Catholic saint;
(São Teotónio in his native Portuguese)

Thelonius Middle Names
Thelonius Benedict
Thelonius George
Thelonius Roman

Teotonio Middle Names
Teotonio Felix
Teotonio Miguel
Teotonio Vidal

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  1. Thelonius says:

    My big brother couldn’t say Theo so he called me Fee.

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