Origin: Old English

Meaning: “leather maker”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Tan, Tanier, Tannen, Tanney, Tannie, Tannis, Tannon

Tanner TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ever since the Tanner incident, you’ve been running way too hot.”
The Mentalist: Redemption (2009)
“Do you want to quit, Tanner?”
Bad News Bears (1976)

Famous people named Tanner or its variations

1. Tanner Richie (b. 1993), American actor
2. Tanner Gregory Purdum (b. 1984), American football pro
3. Tanner Foust (b. 1973), America race car driver

Tanner Middle Names
Tanner Anthony
Tanner Creed
Tanner James
Tanner Kevin
Tanner Marshall

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  1. tanner says:

    i need to know good nicknames for tanner

  2. Mercury says:

    I call my best friend (Tanner) Tangerine simply because I think it’s cute.

    • Hunter Grace says:

      My little bros name is Tanner and i call him that too! Its adorable

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