Origin: Old German

Meaning: “messenger of destruction”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Talbert, Talbott

Talbot TV and Movie Quotes:
“And what a switch for poor Talbot.”
Tales from the Crypt (1989 TV Series)
“Talbot Castle, Mr. Larry.” The Wolf Man (1941)
“My eyes! Damn you, Talbot.” The Wolf Man (2010)

Famous people named Talbot or its variations

1. Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte (b. 1933), American lawyer,
professor, politician
2. Talbot Lanham Jennings (1894-1985), American screenwriter
3. Talbot Baines Reed (1852-93), English author

Talbot Middle Names
Talbot Donovan
Talbot Earl
Talbot Landry
Talbot Miles
Talbot Wyatt

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