Origin: Greek

Meaning: “crown, garland”

Best Nicknames:
Steve, Stevey, Stevie, Stevy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Esteban, Estefan, Estevan, Etienne, Staffan, Steba,
Steben, Stefan, Stefano, Steffan, Steffen, Steffon,
Stefon, Stephan, Stephano, Stephanos, Stephanus,
Stephen, Stephon, Stevan, Stevenson

Stephen TV and Movie Quotes:
“You’ve been seeing too many Stephen King movies.”
Murder, She Wrote: It’s a Dog’s Life (1984)
“Come on Stevie, time to leavey, It’s the fun bus man!”
The Cable Guy (1996)

Famous people named Stephen or its variations

1. Stephen Edwin King (b. 1947), American horror author
2. Stephen Wallem (b. 1968), American actor
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-90), American singer, musician
born Stephen Ray Vaughan

Stephen Middle Names
Stephen Alan
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Dennis
Stephen Fletcher
Stephen Owen
Stephen Preston

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  1. stephen emeribe says:

    stephen gars

  2. BARBARA says:

    My fiancé during the Viet Nam Conflict was named: STEPHEN. His middle name was ALAN, so his name was: STEPHEN ALAN & we all called him: STEVE. I loved him so VERY much — he had the sexiest, deep voice & the way he walked was so sexy that it always made me swoon !!!!!!
    So, add ‘ALAN’ to your list of ‘middle names’ (please)

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