Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “he has heard”

Best Nicknames
Sim, Simmi, Simmy, Sy

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Semyon, Shimon, Simen, Simon, Symeon, Symon

Simeon TV and Movie Quotes:
“Father, I cannot leave Simeon in prison.” Joseph (1995)
“This is the true story of the Reno Brothers… Clint,
a respected farmer, and Frank, Simeon, John and Bill… ”
Rage at Dawn (1955)

Famous people named Simeon or its variations

1. Simeon Thoresen (b. 1984), Norwegian mixed martial artist
nickname: The Grin
2. Simeon Djankov (b. 1970), Bulgarian economist
3. Simeon Armstrong Courtie (b. 1970), English TV host, writer

Simeon Middle Names
Simeon Augustus
Simeon Eugene
Simeon Max
Simeon Peter
Simeon Tristan

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