Origin: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Meaning: “wooded, forest”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Sil, Silvano, Silverio, Syl, Sylvio

Silvio TV and Movie Quotes:
“Silvio talking to Johnny? You never know, T.”
The Sopranos: The Weight (2002)
“How do you know that, Silvio?” Missing (1982)

Famous people named Silvio or its variations

1. Silvio Kuhnert (b. 1969), German singer, chef
2. Silvio Danailov (b. 1961), Bulgarian International
Master chessplayer
3. Silvio Orlando (b. 1957), Italian actor

Silvio Middle Names
Silvio Arturo
Silvio Jorge
Silvio Marius
Silvio Vittorio

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