Shannon (Boy)

Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: “old, ancient”
Name of an Irish River. May refer to a Celtic
deity identified with the Shannon River

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Shanan, Shane, Shanen, Shannan, Shannen, Shanon

Shannon TV and Movie Quotes:
“Nothing human disgusts me, Mr. Shannon, unless it’s
unkind, violent.” The Dogs of War (1964)
“Yo, Shannon! I’ve been freezing my posterior regions
waiting for you.” Shannon’s Deal (1990 TV Series)

Famous people named Shannon or its variations

1. Shannon Christopher Leto (b. 1970), American drummer
(30 Seconds to Mars)
2. Shannon Sharpe (b. 1968), American football pro
3. Shannon Moore (b. 1979), American wrestling pro
a.k.a. El Gran Luchadore and Kid Dynamo

Shannon Middle Names
Shannon Francis
Shannon Jaysen
Shannon Patrick
Shannon Timothy
Shannon Steele

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