Origin: Chaldean

Meaning: “command of Aku”
short form of Shadrach

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Shadd, Shadoe, Shadow, Shadrach, Shadrack, Shadrick

Shad TV and Movie Quotes:
“That remains to be seen, Shad.”
Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)
“Shad, may the Lord have mercy on your soul.”
The Westerner (1940)

Famous people named Shad or its variations

1. Shad Gregory Moss (b. 1987), American rapper
Stage name: Bow Wow
2. Shad Gaspard (b. 1981), American wrestling pro;
full name: Shad Chad Javier Romane Chittick Gaspard
3. Shad Lierley (b. 1980), American mixed martial artist

Shad Middle Names
Shad Aristotle
Shad Carson
Shad Martin
Shad Nehemiah
Shad Tyson

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