Origin: Italian

Meaning: “new home”
Italian version of Xavier, Javier (from Basque)

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Sav, Saverino

Saverio TV and Movie Quotes:
“Yes! OK! I’m Saverio!”
Nothing Left to Do but Cry (1995)

Famous people named Saverio or its variations
Saverio GuerraSaverio IndrioSaverio Vallone

1. Saverio Guerra (b. 1964), American actor,
born Roger Guerra
2. Saverio Maria Indrio (b. 1963), Italian actor
3. Saverio Vallone (b. 1958), Italian actor, director

Saverio Middle Names
Saverio Aldo
Saverio Carmine
Saverio Furio
Saverio Pasquale

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