Origin: Old English

meaning: “dwells by the rushes”

Best Nicknames:
Rushy, Rusty

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Rusher, Rushi, Rushil, Rushton

Rush TV and Movie Quotes:
“My God. Rush Limbaugh was right. Conservative republicanism is the answer.” Family Guy: Excellence in Broadcasting (2010)
“Could you tell her that her eleven o’clock meeting with Rush moved to noon?” The Good Wife: Another Ham Sandwich (2012)

Famous people named Rush or its variations

1. Rush Hudson Limbaugh III,(b. 1951), American radio show host
2. Rush Dew Holt, Jr. (b. 1948), American politician, physicist
3. Rush Clark (1834-79), American politician, attorney

Rush Middle Names
Rush Bryon
Rush Gabriel
Rush Jeremiah
Rush Marshall
Rush Wayne

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