Origin: Old English

meaning: “horse spring”
surname migration

Best Nicknames:
Ross, Russ

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Roswelle, Ruswell

Roswell TV and Movie Quotes:
“This is Roswell G. Flemington, two hundred and seventeen
pounds of gristle, lung tissue and sound decibels.”
The Twilight Zone: Sounds and Silences (1964)

Famous people named Roswell or its variations

1. Roddy Bottum (b. 1963), American rock musician
born Roswell Christopher Bottum III
2. Roswell Hopkins Rudd, Jr. (b. 1935), American jazz musician
3. Roswell Pettibone Flower (1835-1899), American politician,
30th Governor of New York

Roswell Middle Names
Roswell Andrew
Roswell Francis
Roswell Gregory
Roswell Jonas
Roswell Pierce

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