Rosario (Boy)

Origin: Italian

meaning: “rosary”
also a girl’s name in Spanish-speaking countries

Best Nicknames:

Variations and Sound Alikes:

Rosario TV and Movie Quotes:
“Rosario, you no longer have to worry about eating.”
Torrid Zone (1940)
“Rosario, give me a sign.”
The Rose Tattoo (1955)

Famous people named Rosario or its variations

1. Rosario Di Bella (b. 1963), Italian composer, musician.
2. Rosario Tindaro Fiorello (b. 1960), Italian comedian, singer;
aka “Fiorello”
3. Rosario Crocetta (b. 1951), 27th President of Sicily

Rosario Middle Names
Rosario Gian
Rosario Emilio
Rosario Tomasso

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