Origin: Old German

meaning: “renowned land”
variant of Roland

Best Nicknames
Rawl, Rollie, Rollo

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rawlin, Rawling, Rollan, Rollen, Rollins, Rollyn

Rollin TV and Movie Quotes:
“Is something wrong? Why the injection, Rollin?”
Mission: Impossible (1966 TV Series)
“I’m not Rollin, Mother! I’m Russell!”
Once Upon a Forest (1993)

Famous people named Rollin or its variations

1. Rollin Jarrett (b. 1960), American actor, screenwriter;
born Rollin William Jewett
2. Rollins Adams Emerson (1873–1947), American geneticist
3. Rollin Mallory Daggett (1831-1901), American politician

Rollin Middle Names:
Rollin Elliot
Rollin Lloyd
Rollin Matthew
Rollin Paul

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