Origin: Old German

meaning: “famous throughout the land”

Best Nicknames:
Lannie, Lanny, Rolie, Rollie, Rolly, Rowe

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Orlando, Roeland, Rolando, Roldan, Rollan,
Rolland, Rollin, Rollins, Rollo, Rowland

Roland TV and Movie Quotes:
“Why would Billy Ocean sing with Roland Orzabal?”
Psych: American Duos (2007)
“Roland’s in there with his whole army.” Jumper (2008)
“Roland, let’s keep this professional.” Brain Donors (1992)

Famous people named Roland or its variations

1. Roland Mark Schoeman (b. 1980), South African swim champ
2. Roland Emmerich (b. 1955), German film director, producer
3. Roland Joffé (b. 1945), English-French film director

Roland Middle Names:
Roland Andreas
Roland Claude
Roland Fabian
Roland Lukas
Roland Silvester

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