Origin: Old German

meaning: “famous spearman”

Best Nicknames:
Rodge, Rog, Rogg

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Raj, Rodger, Rogelio, Rogerio, Rogers,
Rogiero, Ruggero, Ruggiero, Rutger, Ruttger.

Roger TV and Movie Quotes:
“Wow, great sweater, Roger.”
American Dad (2005 TV Series)
“Roger that, Houston.” Apollo 13 (1995)

Famous people named Roger or its variations

1. Roger Harry Daltrey (b. 1944), English rocker, actor
2. Roger Troutman (1951-99), American singer, songwriter
3. Roger William Corman (b. 1926), American film director

Roger Middle Names
Roger James
Roger Harlan
Roger Neville
Roger Timothy
Roger Warren

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  1. Brianna Altland says:

    Roger Rabbit

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