Origin: Old German

meaning: “Roda’s island; island near the clearing”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rod, Roddy, Roddie, Rodnee, Rodnie

Rodney TV and Movie Quotes:
“Rodney – you can take the rest of the day off.”
Stargate: Atlantis (2004 TV Series)
“I’m Rodney, but my friends call me Rod-meister.”
Family Matters (1989 TV Series)

Famous people named Rodney or its variations

1. Rodney Allan Atkins (b. 1969), American country music artist
2. Rodney Agatupu AnoaŹ»i (1966-2000), American wrestling pro;
Ring name: Yokozuna
3. Rod McKuen (b. 1933), American poet, songwriter, singer;
born Rodney Marvin McKuen

Rodney Middle Names
Rodney Ezekiel
Rodney Kristoff
Rodney Langston
Rodney Paul
Rodney Theodore

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