Riley (Boy)

Origin: Old English

meaning: “rye meadow, clearing”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Reilly, Reilley, Rye, Ryley, Lee

Riley TV and Movie Quotes:
“Riley, you’re a genius.” National Treasure (2004)
“Riley, you’ve got to pull it together. We’re getting out of here.”
Batman: The Forgotten (1992)

Famous people named Riley or its variations

1. Riley Griffiths (b. 1997), American actor
2. Riley P. Bechtel (b. 1952), American heir, businessman
3. Riley B. King (1925-2015), American blues musician, singer,
stage name: B.B. King

Riley Middle Names
Riley Aloysius
Riley Carson
Riley Jonas
Riley Stephen
Riley Wyatt

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