Origin: Welsh

meaning: “king’s circle”
also claimed to mean “the ruddy chief”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rhod, Rhodrhi, Rodri, Rotri

Rhodri Book Quotes:
“He was named Rhodri Molwynog, and reigned from 720 to 755.”
The Story of Carnarvonshire (1910)
“For the first time in a while, Rhodri laughed too.”
Country Lovers (2007)

Famous people named Rhodri or its variations

1. Rhodri McAtee (b. 1984), Welsh rugby pro
2. Rhod Gilbert (b. 1968), Welsh comedian
born Rhodri Paul Gilbert
3. Rhodri Glyn Thomas (b. 1953), Welsh politician

Rhodri Middle Names:
Rhodri Cameron
Rhodri Jenson
Rhodri Kayden
Rhodri Steffan

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